Jiomee Sun Bath Sofa: The Epitome of Luxury and Quality


How do you define luxury? Well, the definition can be subjective but for us, it’s simple. The best definition of luxury has to be the Jiomee Sun Bath sofa. If you decide to get yourself an outdoor sofa in most instances you have to choose between comfort and quality. With the Jiomee Sun Bath sofa, you do not have to compromise on either of the two. It’s just the perfect outdoor sofa and here is why..


Th Jiomee Sun Bath Sofa

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear Jiomee is luxury and that is certainly the theme that Jiomee went with when they created the Jiomee Sun Bath Sofa. 

Built Quality

When most companies design luxury furniture they tend to overlook durability. This is one thing that Jiomee made sure they excelled at when they created the Jiomee sunbath sofa. In terms of built quality, the Jiomee Sun Bath sofa has everything going its way. Made mainly out of wicker and safety glass, the sofa is the gold standard for outdoor furniture. Besides feeling looking premium, wicker is very durable. This means the piece of furniture can withstand some harsh weather conditions that it’s most likely going to get exposed to.


Well, this is one part where the Jiomee Sun Bath sofa takes the crown. The sofa has a futuristic design that you are likely never seen on an outdoor sofa. The sofa is modeled around a cruise ship, giving it that unique shape. The transparent sides of the sofa are made from safety glass. The Wicker and glass combination is perfect and there is nothing more than anyone can ask for. The seat looks premium and modern. It will certainly still be trendy for a while and that is exactly what people need from premium furniture. The seating area, has a comfortable cushion that fits snuggly into the 78x38x26 inch frame. The huge cushion allows you to get the best experience with plenty of room to turn around and switch positions.

Special Features

For an outdoor sofa having the perfect aesthetic is not enough, there is a need to ensure that it can withstand the outdoor conditions. The Jiomee Sun Bath Sofa is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also a beast when it comes to durability. The Jiomee Sun Bath sofa is water-resistant. This means you can have it by the poolside and all those splashes won’t cause any damage to your special piece of furniture. The sofa is also UV resistant. One thing that can damage furniture is UV rays, with this piece of furniture though, you can be rest assured that the sun won’t be one of your problems. You can sunbath all you want without your sofa getting damaged or losing its aesthetic.

There are several other benefits that come Jiomee Sun Bath Sofa. The main one has to be the 24-month warranty.

If you want outdoor furniture that makes a statement, the Jiomee Sun Bath sofa is the perfect furniture item for you. Get one today!

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